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Thank you very much for the note, we work with a number of different vendors, but I have to say the Flomax Team is who I personally appreciate the most. The service is always excellent, but the values you folks model is what makes all the difference!!!

Vice President and General Manager, Canada,

I hope everything is going well over on your side of the world! FloMAX remains the supplier that I judge all my other suppliers by, so I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the efforts of both yourself and your Team.

Purchasing Officer, Australia,

It took us 10 years to find a fuel nozzle that the fuelers like and that doesn’t leak, they are working “excellent”!

Operator, Mississippi,

If you get any quicker processing our orders, you will be shipping them before we have generated the order! We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business.

Purchasing Agent, Australia,

I wanted to mention that I continue to be impressed with the level of service I receive from your Company. I deal with many international suppliers and your level of service is well above average.

David, Purchasing Officer, Australia,

On behalf of my company I want to congratulate the entire Flomax team on the connectors that you have come up with. They feel good, look good, and the design concept is unbelievable. Overall they look spectacular!

CEO, Australia,

I will say it again, it is a pleasure working with you and
your staff.  I sent in an order and get a response right back,  parts were on
 the way.  This makes keeping stock so much better.

Manager, Wyoming, USA

What we observed with your company was a group of people that are passionate about bringing the best possible products to market. You are committed to making market relevant changes to products in a very short time frame, and you treat the relationships in your business (employees & customers) with respect and integrity.

CEO, Canada

We appreciate your fast response in helping us get our product. You went above and beyond to keep us running. Much thanks to you and your team.

District Manager, Chile

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