Here at FloMAX we take safety and environmental stewardship seriously.


We design our nozzles, receivers and dry break connectors to be leak free in a variety of environments. We realize that a fluid leak of any kind is not only a safety hazard but can be an environmental hazard also.

We test each and every product that leaves our facility to make sure that they function as intended and do not leak when the end user receives them.

We use special seals that will seal our fuel nozzles in the coldest of temperatures to prevent leakage of fuel in the most extreme of circumstances.

We use stainless steel in the noses of our fuel nozzles and dry break connectors so that they do not deform from use and in some cases, abuse. Thus ensuring a leak-free seal and a proper fit to the receiver time after time.

We also design our products for an easy actuation to lessen the hazard to employees if they have to exert more force to connect and disconnect fittings and nozzles.

We realize that safety and environmental problems with products can harm your employees and the environment that they work in. Using FloMAX products can save your most valuable resource, your employees, time, pain and suffering at the same time as being easy to use.

At the FloMAX facility, we recycle all of our waste products from our manufacturing process to ensure a safe environment for all of us in the future.

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