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Increased safety due to NO fuel spills. Our nozzles DO NOT leak so your workforce is safer from the hazards of spilled fuel and fluids such as fire, slipping, chemical hazards etc.

Lower environmental cleanup costs due to NO spills or leakage. No clean-up, no government environmental fines or penalties, No additional labor due to clean up costs.

FloMAX fuel nozzles are the longest lasting, most robust nozzles in the industry. Stainless steel nose piece and all metal construction ensure they will not let you down in the most rugged conditions. Our special O-ring seals ensure leak-free operation even in Arctic conditions below -70 F.

Patented fuel nozzle piston ensures a leak free seal from the coldest Arctic temps to the hottest deserts. We use a Nickel plated steel wear cylinder to ensure reliable leak free performance day after day. FloMAX invented the colored non-inter changeable dry break fittings that are all over the world today. Our own in-house Engineering Department and Machine Shop / Fabrication facility ensures quick turn around and can accommodate any special need.

FloMAX?s all metal construction will outlast our competitor?s nozzles 2 to 5 times. This is due to many of our designs improvements and our consistently choosing the best materials and processes for the job at hand. Long lasting, well built products that will ensure a valuable decision in your fueling and fluid transfer needs.

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