• 1, 2, & 3  – Sort, Set-in-Order, and Shine  — create the new discipline
  • 4 – Standardise — set up to maintain the new baseline
  • 5 – Sustain – respect & self-discipline at the Operator & Maintainer level

We clean the area of all unneeded and unused material. If you can’t sell it or need it for producing a saleable product it should be removed. This removes clutter and allows us to see deficiencies so we can manage by exception and focus on the items that need to be there to make a saleable product.

We set the area in order with everything in its place. Same place, same time, every time. Inventory should have a visual aspect to it so we can tell how many we have on hand without looking inside of a container, climbing a ladder, etc.

We clean everything and have all items in their place so we can see any exception. We work best in a clean and organized area so we know exactly where all the items and tools that we need for production are located.

Everyone builds the product the same way, every time. We do this by having a well-documented build process via Standardized Work.

Every operator has a responsibility to keep the area clean and organized per the documented standard that is posted at the work site.

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