Longest lasting Nozzles and Connectors in the Industry.

Many times we have been asked how does FloMAX continue to make the highest quality and longest lasting nozzles and components in the industry. We do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible but we will never compromise when it comes to materials, functionality, and design.

FloMAX products are not copies of other company’s designs. We have spent years listening to customers and understanding their concerns and needs. Using this information we developed and are continually improving a product line that leads the industry in quality.

Here are some examples of why FloMAX products are the longest lasting in the industry.

• The FloMAX FN600 and FNBL fuel nozzles have an investment cast aluminum body instead of sand cast aluminum. Investment casting is 40% stronger than sand casting. This means we can make the body with thinner stronger walls, lighter, and easier to use. The total weight of a FloMAX nozzle with its all metal construction, swivel, and plug is 6.5 lbs.

• The piston cylinder we use in the FloMAX fuel nozzles is electroless nickel-plated steel, not aluminum as used by our competitors. The nickel plating adds lubricity and durability. The nozzle piston is twice as long in a FloMAX nozzle. It has a wear bushing so there is no metal-to- metal wear or damage. That damage is the main cause of piston failure and leaking out the back end of the nozzle.

• Our Non interchangeable connectors use stainless steel noses and retention balls along with 6061-T6 Aluminum to ensure a strong and long lasting part. We use strategically placed O-rings to keep the dirt out of our critical components to ensure a longer life and robust performance.

• The FloMAX valve sleeve has two Fluorosilicone O-rings instead of one. This allows it to maintain a straighter slide through the nozzle nose. These O-rings allow a leak free seal in Artic temperatures. The end of valve sleeve has a vulcanized Viton seal. Some of our competitors glue on the valve sleeve seal, which can become loose or fall off during use. The Viton seal is used to both seal the nozzle poppet when the nozzle and receiver are disconnected, and seal against the end of the receiver when the nozzle and receiver are connected. The molding of the Viton seal has two ridges instead of one or none, like our competitor’s valve sleeves have. This helps it seal more securely even with small amounts of debris on it. The valve sleeve is designed with a venturi curve in the fuel flow path that accelerates the fuel through the nozzle.

• The nose of the FloMAX fuel nozzles is manufactured from stainless steel. Our competitors use an aluminum nozzle nose. The aluminum nose damages and changes shape, as it is repeatedly connected to and hanging from the receivers. Once the aluminum nose becomes damaged or elongated, the wiper seal in the nose loses its ability to seal and quickly leaks. The FloMAX stainless steel nose does not elongate or damage easily.

• The FloMAX aluminum nozzle pullback has a felt seal and a wear bushing so that there is no metal-to- metal contact at the back end of the pullback.

• The FloMAX nozzle plug has an attached rubber bumper so that when it is attached to the nozzle it completely seals the nose end.

• The FNBL nozzle uses 10 stainless steel ball bearings in its latching mechanism, which is more than any of our competitors. This provides a more secure lock by distributing the latching pressure and gives less wear to the receiver.

• Every FloMAX nozzle is tested on our 150-gallon test station. We test each nozzle a minimum of 16 times with 70 gallons of fluid each time. Testing covers flow rates from 60 GPM to 140 GPM. During the test we visually inspect for flaws and leaks. Each test is recorded and a test sheet is kept for each nozzle sold. None of our competitors test their products as extensively.

• We are assured that when a customer receives a FloMAX nozzle that is does not leak, it was manufactured and assembled correctly, and it will shut off at the customer requested PSI setting. FloMAX nozzles can be factory set to shut off at any customer required PSI setting from a low of 5.5 PSI to a high of 14.5 PSI.

All of the FloMAX products are designed with these types of improvements. We have designed the connectors from the inside out focusing on performance, ease of use, durability, and maximum flow.  We use no plastic parts in our products. We try to make all wear components out of nickel-plated steel or stainless steel.

The designs that we have developed have made major improvements to our products performance. An example is the fuel receiver spring. Our competitors have all copied the same 30-year- old design that puts the spring in the fuel flow path and causes turbulence, vibration, and flow restriction. The spring in the FloMAX fuel receivers is internal to the poppet that allows for a smooth turbulence free flow path. When a FloMAX fuel receiver, fuel nozzle, and fuel swivel is used, there is a measurable 20% increase in fuel flow.

Where other companies are trying to change their products to cut their cost so they can make more money, like changing the metal fuel nozzle body to one made from a composite, FloMAX changes a design if it improves quality, performance, or usability.

We always stand behind our products. If one of our products has a problem because of our design or manufacturing, we will repair, replace, or refund it.

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